Kosho Ryu Concepts in Aikido?!

Yes a great deal of concepts in Kosho Ryu Kempo can be discussed while observing Aikido techniques.

Sumi Otoshi also called the “corner drop” is when the opponent’s wrist is taken behind the opponent and to the opposite rear corner. This creates the fall from extreme off-balance. It’s a very popular throw in Judo as well.

This dynamic is easily explained in Kosho Ryu’s triangulation point concept. Whenever the distal end of an extremity is brought to the far center in the front or the rear, the body simply falls in the same direction. Of course the person can compensate, it’s up to you to prevent this. Also in this short video a small version is demonstrated to see that big large Aikido type movements are not necessary  to achieve the same results.

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Published by

Thomas Duffy

instructor at the Rhode Island Budo Academy

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