Welcome to the Rhode Island Budo Academy! Based in Seekonk Massachusetts, The Academy promotes martial arts, physical fitness, and self defense through traditional Japanese Budo arts. We gladly accept Women and Men high school ages and up. For pre-teen classes please contact us for info on the dojo’s family Shotokan Karate classes!

     The Martial Arts were developed hundreds of years ago as a means to defend oneself in a combat situation. But, what the average person doesn’t realize is that the Martial Arts are also a wonderful tool to unlock the human potential.

Ground Defense Class

     Classes are taught in a relaxed but challenging atmosphere gearing the student towards constant, steady improvement in their lives as well as in their martial arts skills. Sensei Tom Duffy takes a personal interest in the development of each individual student.

Sensei Tom working Atemi with a student
Joint Lock Practice

   We invite potential new students to explore our website and learn more about the dojo and class schedule, the history and study of Martial arts, and our upcoming events. Current students can use our site to order instructional tools, view photos and videos from past events, and more. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an introductory lesson. We look forward to you joining our family in the Kai

Curriculum Seminar with Hanshi

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Thomas Duffy

Instructor at the Rhode Island Budo Academy

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