Shihan Steven Bonk Visit!!

Many thanks to all that attended and supported! Please visit this page soon to see info for more upcoming events!

Concepts and Principals of Kosho Ryu Kempo including striking, throwing and controlling arts.
With Sensei Steven Bonk

Shihan Steven Bonk will visiting us from Orange Massachusetts for some Kosho Ryu Kempo Training. Atemi, Joint locks, throwing arts and much much more.
Sensei Bonk is the Chief instructor at “Bonk’s Kempo Karate School of Natural law” He is one of the Shihan of the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai under Bruce Juchnik and also holds Dan Ranks in Sei Goshin ryu and Shaolin Kempo. Sensei’s unique style of teaching kempo is very comprehensive and unmatched by anyone in the Kai! You don’t wan’t to miss this unique and fun opportunity!

Physical workouts are balanced out by subtle, refined techniques. You will learn to defend yourself while getting into better physical shape. Students will learn practical self defense that will allow you to escape or engage an opponent depending on the situation. At this seminar, you will learn how to create weakness in an opponent’s balance and structure, enabling you to defeat a larger opponent.

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