Kickboxing Training

As part as our training, we engage in Circuit Boxing/Kickboxing drills as part of our practice. It’s very important to learn and practice these skills to be an effective Martial Artist. There’s a difference between sparring and fighting. Fighting injures you, whereas controlled sparring develops you! Training on equipment only develops your technique.
Training with a partner develop skills!
Also the workout has tremendous benefits which releases endorphins that help prevent depression and anxiety! Would you rather walk on a treadmill or put on some gloves and have fun!!

Kempo is the Japanese translation of the word “Chuan Fa”. Which is self defense with a Chinese origin.  In Chinese, the meaning of the word “Chuan Fa” is “boxing” or ‘fighting technique’. From a Japanese view, it means “Chinese Boxing”. We feel strongly that if the practitioner does not practice boxing of some kind, then they are not fully immersed in Kempo

Heavy and speed Bag work, focus mits and body pads. Shadow boxing, octagon footwork and Kempo flow drills are all utilized.

Controlled Sparring utilizing principals learned in class is done at the member’s comfort level. It’s not meant to determine a winner. The goal is to ultimately develop and improve speed, agility and confidence in your art! There are many benefits to these type of drills:

  • It lets you test what you’ve learned in Kempo.
  • It helps your sense of timing. 
  • It increases your overall martial arts comprehension. 
  • It increases your personal sense of accomplishment.
  • It teaches you how to remain calm under pressure. 
  • It builds confidence.
  • It adds another fitness element
  • It builds Camaraderie in the dojo

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