Welcome to the Rhode Island Budo Academy! Based in Seekonk Massachusetts, The Academy promotes martial arts, physical fitness, and self defense through traditional Japanese Budo arts. We gladly accept Women and Men high school ages and up. For pre-teen classes please contact us for info on the dojo’s family Shotokan Karate classes!

     The Martial Arts were developed hundreds of years ago as a means to defend oneself in a combat situation. But, what the average person doesn’t realize is that the Martial Arts are also a wonderful tool to unlock the human potential.

Ground Defense Class

     Classes are taught in a relaxed but challenging atmosphere gearing the student towards constant, steady improvement in their lives as well as in their martial arts skills. Sensei Tom Duffy takes a personal interest in the development of each individual student.

Sensei Tom working Atemi with a student
Joint Lock Practice

   We invite potential new students to explore our website and learn more about the dojo and class schedule, the history and study of Martial arts, and our upcoming events. Current students can use our site to order instructional tools, view photos and videos from past events, and more. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an introductory lesson. We look forward to you joining our family in the Kai

Curriculum Seminar with Hanshi

The European Gathering!

Last week I witnessed an incredible martial arts event in Belgium. It’s roots began just ten years ago when some Budo friends from America got on an airplane to visit friends in Belgium to share some martial arts training ideas while enjoying the sights. After just a few annual friendly visits fast forward ten years later, I got to meet and train with an incredible group of Kosho Ryu Kempo Practitioners and teachers. Not to mention the enormous gathering of other teachers and Budoka at the end of the week.

Sensei’s Jeff Driscoll , Bart DBckr, Myself and Steven Bonk

Sensei Bart DeBkr, the director of the Kosho Ryu Branch in Belgium is one of the hardest working teachers I have ever met. His students are of incredible character and skill and the hospitality they showed me was unmatched. I learned so much training and sharing with these folks, not to mention the laughs and fun we had. I was in awe as they truly displayed their spirit in budo as I watched them train with each other. Although these fine folks don’t regard themselves highly, they take Kosho Ryu Kempo very very seriously. We trained very hard during Sensei Jeff Driscoll’s Kempo Boot camp for three hard hitting days from 10am to 5pm. This old school of hard work dedication is something clubs here in America is seriously lacking as they took me back to the 80’s of tireless training and sore chins. Every day was a lesson to me as I witnessed an incredible display of budo. Even with the beginner Kyu ranks as they displayed sincerity in their kata and strikes while performing flow drills. These gals and guys do not mess around! I was immediately taking mental inventory of myself and my own students with a raised eyebrow. I look forward to another visit. Sensei Bart is a quality leader.

Sensei Bart BBckr
Kosho Boot Camp with Sensei Jeff Driscoll

I learned Sensei’s undertaking of his European Gathering for the past several years has done nothing but grow! Although his friends, family and students provide and incredible support and assistance, it is his shoulders in which the day rests upon. Sensei Bart simply told me that all he cares about each year is that “We have no serious injuries and everyone has fun.” I learned immediately that the European Gathering is not about selling tickets but rather about continuing the sharing of these incredible Arts so they continue when the current teachers are gone. My teacher Sensei Driscoll always states that “Martial Arts has the ability to unlock the human potential.” Gatherings such as this sure do demonstrate this statement!

Sensei Danny Daem

The Gathering itself was held at an enormous facility in a town called Wetteren Belgium. Four sections of matted floors were arranged as four teachers were teaching all day at the same time in 45-55 minute classes. It was incredible! Within an Eight hour span one could learn Ju-jutsu, Karate, Wing Chung, Iaido, Krav Maga, Escrima, Goshinjutsu ground fighting (and of course Kempo). I spent as much time as I could with different teachers and students. There was so much to learn!

Myself teaching

Sensei Steven Bonk

I was also privileged to teach Kempo and to take Uke for my friend Sensei Steven Bonk as he also taught Kempo. What really made me so happy was not one Ego was in the facility and applause was given for each and every teacher at the end of each session. Students of all abilities were eager and great-full for the opportunity to meet the teachers. I was great-full for meeting the other students and teachers as well. To be considered one of the instructors at this event humbled me and I was thrilled to share the wonderful art of Kosho Ryu Kempo.

After the event we all went upstairs for the tasty pasta banquet along with some of the finest Belgium beers on the planet! We all talked, met wives and friends while sharing with each other the day’s experiences. It was an incredible week with some incredible people!

I highly recommend attending this event to anyone that has the opportunity. I also look forward to the next Gathering in Reno Nevada coming up this fall in 2019.

Myself with Kosho Ryu Belgium

I would also like to thank Sensei’s Bart Dbckr , Marc Mebis , Jeff Driscoll, Steven Bonk for the time spent with me. I would like to humbly thank the teachers and students at the gathering for your time with me and ESPECIALLY my new friends at Kosho Ryu Belgium!




     Brush fist and steel is back for another incredible weekend at The New England Martial Arts Dojo in Seekonk Massachusetts! Each time we host an event, it just grows and grows! This event is geared towards both beginner and advanced practitioners alike in all arts. Even if you have no experience in any martial arts, this seminar is a fantastic way to give it a try with our beginners prep classes free with payment. These classes give you basic instruction in all the arts taught at this years Brush, Fist and Steel! Here is the list of whats going on!

Saturday Sept. 15th: Upstairs dojo 10-AM to 4PM Kosho Ryu Kempo


10 am to 4pm Kosho Ryu Kempo with Sensei Jeff Driscoll.  The art of Kosho Ryu Kempo is a very unique form of self defense. It is based on Concepts and Principals not just techniques. The student not only learns techniques in which they practice to defend oneself…they also learn the concepts and principles which make those techniques work properly. What’s addicting about Kosho Ryu is once you learn beginner concepts the doors open up for more concepts and principals which relate with the ones you previously learned! It’s a lifetime of study and can be started at any age and and level.           Several arts of Kosho Ryu Kempo will be taught including, Striking, Throwing , Joint locks and of course Kosho’s primary art, escaping for self defense! Beginners are highly encoraged to come train in this incredible day of training! For more info on Kosho Ryu Kempo please check out our Kempo arts page here.

Sensei Driscoll’s Bio can be viewed HERE

Sunday Sept. 16th: 2nd floor dojo  10AM to 4PM   Japanese Sword Arts


Japanese Swordsmanship with Sensei Jeff Driscoll.  The ancient Samurai arts of the sword are still alive and practiced in today’s dojos. Come train with us in the Samurai arts of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu. Sword arts are a fantastic way to start out in martial arts, most folks think that experience is needed to practice these arts, however this is not true. One also does not need to be in optimal shape to practice these arts and it’s great way for individuals to start their journey in budo if they feel they are not in the best of shape physically and mentally. The Modern day applications of these arts involve controlled, precise movements in which practitioners develop oneself and personal fulfillment. Sword arts can train one to be mindful constantly through learning, which is an essential part of life. It is easy to use these skills in the rest of our daily activities. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun! Iaijutsu is the art of drawing the sword while Kenjutsu is the art of the sword once the sword has been drawn. NO equipment is necessary, our dojo has practice swords for lend and will have some for purchase if requested. All metal blades owned by club members are practice blades and are not sharpened. NO live blades with be allowed on the dojo floor for safety considerations. For more info of these arts please check out our sword arts page here. 

Sunday Sept. 16th 1st floor dojo 10am to 4pm Japanese Calligraphy

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10am to 4pm Japanese calligraphy: Shodo and Sumi-e with Sensei Cindy Jutras.  In the Japanese art of Shodo the practitioner learns to create Kanji, which are pictorial ideographs representing ideas of the Japanese (and Chinese) mind. This system of written language differs from the largely phonetically written languages in the rest of the world.  The study includes the discipline of proper stroke orders, proper formation of strokes and spatial relationships between strokes.
     In addition, due to the pictorial nature of kanji, there are other benefits. Students will learn to be visually skilled and to develop imaginative insights into their work.  A one-kanji work can be hung on the wall and pondered forever. When a Kosho Ryu student studies and understands kanji, he becomes a visionary. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. The student learns to go beyond what is taught. To study. To seek. Kempo, the philosophy of study, and the art of the brush are one and the same.  The art of Sumi-e will also be introduced It’s one of the art forms in which subjects are painted with black ink in all possible gradations ranging pure black to the lightest shades achievable by dissolving ink in water. Simple and elegant landscapes and images are taught with ancient brush techniques and strokes. For more info on this beautiful art please see our page here. 

Tuition:  Pre-register Training!! Register now to receive free seminar prep classes!! The sooner you register the more training you can get in! Beginners as well practitioners of other arts are all welcome!

ONE DAY TRAINING, Includes pre seminar Training

Good for one day of Training. Train all day in Kempo on Saturday or all day on Sunday in Sword arts, Calligraphy or both. You choose!



TWO DAY TRAINING, Includes Pre-Seminar training

Good for training all weekend in all arts!!


Looking Forward to Learning and Sharing.


June is coming up, and that’s the time for both teachers and students alike to learn from each other at the Kosho Ryu Kempo Curriculum and instructor training program hosted by Sensei Jeff Driscoll in Potsville PA at his dojo. Our headmaster Hanshi Bruce Juchnik will be there and we always look forward to his visits on the east coast. We all learn so much and it’s certainly a humbling experience. Makes me so incredibly thankful to be part of the organization.

Last year we trained for three days with Hanshi, going over what would appear to be basic movements and concepts within the octagon. However timing and distance and other factors are changed from the usual martial thinking. Things then get very challenging both in technique and simple motion. Especially exploring these adjustments with Bunkai in kata and each other’s methods. When I drove home with my fellow budo friends, my brain and body was well spent. Incredible weekend!


The weekend is filled with so many teachers sharing so many concepts and methods of how they have grown with Hanshi and the Kai. The beauty of Kosho Ryu Kempo is that all martial arts can favor from the teachings no matter what you do. We all come from different backgrounds and other arts, but when we get together, all speak the same language but with different stories. It’s true Kempo.

It’s very exciting and I recommend anyone interested in a lifelong study of budo to join us on June 1st 2nd and 3rd. in PA. All are welcome! Teachers from all over the country and even Europe will be in attendance again this year, and I look forward to seeing both new and old friends and bringing back more knowledge to share with my friends  here at our dojo.






Welcome to the new website and





Hello everybody! Our club has grown so much in the past couple years, we are teaching, sharing and practicing so much more than Sword arts now. I never thought our members and friends would be giving so much and training so hard! It pleases us to now offer so much more to folks who want to improve their lives and those around them.




This new website will have periodic blog posts about Budo and our academy from myself as well as the other teachers and the members! So feel free to come visit us and learn and share about us and the most challenging subject, yourself!

test group

We are located at the beautiful New England Martial Arts Dojo in Seekonk Massachusetts. at 879 Arcade Ave.

Our curriculum’s include:

Japanese Sword arts including Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu and Historical studies

Kosho Ryu Kempo arts including. Escaping arts, Striking arts, Healing Arts, Japanese Calligraphy, Throwing arts, Ground Defense, Joint Locks And also A NEW program,

Women’s Self Defense is now on the menu!!!

All brought to you by the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International

Which brings our incredible Seminars with Teachers from all over the East Coast that teach us so much. We hope you come to visit us soon!



Woman’s Self Defense a Success!

What a day we had on our WSD day, Many thanks go out to Missy and Chris for being valuable Uke’s!


Valerie and I taught the girls the Escaping arts of Kosho Ryu Kempo as well as Striking, Kicking, decision making in a stressful situation. Also introduced was body folding, throwing and ground escape. We look forward to seeing you girls on JUNE 9th for our next seminar!!! We hope to see some more girls come by and Learn this great life preserving art called Kosho Ryu Kempo.

Feel free to navigate our menu to learn more about our academy and what it has to offer for you and your family!