Q: How fit do I need to to be to start Training?

There is no pressure to be fit, as you work at your own pace as hard or as easy as you want. We always start with a warm up and stretch. Training with us will provide you with the skills necessary such as improved flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle strength and muscle tone, not to mention fat loss. You will notice an improvement each month!

If you feel that you have no coordination, or not fit enough, our training with get you there!

Q: Do I need a Karate Gi/uniform?

To start with for us just wear something comfortable such as a T-shirt and shorts or sweat pants.

Q: Do you teach ground fighting?

Yes HOWEVER, we are not a competitive dojo. Kempo is a self preserving art. Our teachings will train you to stay off the ground and if you find yourself there, to escape from the ground. Competition styles protect you with officials, rules and only one opponent. “Street” situations do not have these luxuries. We will train you accordingly.

Q: Am I too old to start Training?

NOPE! we currently have students from high school age to mid 60’s. With advanced age, everyone may find one or another technique harder or impossible to perform. Let this not deter you. Our arts grow older with you and are healthy for you as a great way to stay active.

With increased maturity you will also be in a better situation to judge what exactly YOU want to gain from training, and you will be able to focus on that in our classes – this way you’ll gain maximum enjoyment and benefit from training, regardless of your age. This also reflects in your life outside the dojo. Kempo is a life preserving arts in many ways!

Q: Are those swords sharp? Is it dangerous?

Our sword training utilizes the solo use of unsharpened metal Katana swords called Iaito. The actual techniques (waza) are developed from orthodox teachings and have been handed down from teacher to student for centuries with minimal injury. Please visit our Sword training page for more for info Here

Q: What are the injury risks?

The injury risk in Martial Arts is lower than in most other sports. All contact is controlled and the most you would expect is the occasional bump,bruise or pulled muscle. Our classes are meant to teach not injure. All egos are checked at the door

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