Sho Chiku Bai Jujutsu and Kosho Ryu Kempo

The Rhode Island Budo Club is an official dojo of the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International

Ju-Jutsu was the main unarmed combat system used by the Samurai in ancient Japan. Today there are many variants of the Ju-Jutsu theme. Most modern systems involve variations of Judo, MMA, Karate, Aikido and wrestling, modernized into a self-defense style.

One of the many names used in ancient Japan for hand to hand combat prior to the term Ju-Jutsu was Yoroi Kumi Uchi . This obviously had a focus on opponents wearing Armor both armed and when they found themselves unarmed. As a small example, it’s believed that the joint locks practiced today originated from these techniques. As the joints were vulnerable areas while armor was worn. This has developed in more peaceful times for applications with normal clothing and competition.

Today our dojo trains in Sho Chiku Bai Jujutsu which has these ancient roots from Japan. It’s a traditional martial art that blends together the hard linear motions of Karate with the circular motions of Aiki arts. This brings together the arts of Grappling, Kicking and Punching as well as joint locks and throwing techniques. This creates an effective system of Self Defense and more importantly, the understanding of the practitioner both physically and mentally.

It’s Japanese roots from the days of armor wearing Samurai, make it unique among other systems.  Sho Chiku Bai Jujutsu is a traditional martial art for the modern day warrior – it offers ancient Japanese martial art techniques that can be effectively applied to our daily living to protect ourselves in the societies of the 21st century.

The non-competitive, self preserving curriculum includes self-defense escaping arts against armed, unarmed, single and multiple assailants.  Pressure points, and strikes are emphasized, as these are necessary to effectively apply controlling arts such as joint locks and throws.

Sho Chiku Bai Jujutsu includes the following elements:

  • Atemi Waza (striking techniques)
  • Nage Waza (throwing techniques)
  • Kansetsu Waza (joint locking techniques)
  • Shime Waza (choking techniques)
  • Kyusho Waza (pressure point techniques)
  • Ne Waza (ground work techniques)
  • Ukemi (falling skills)
  • Heiho (strategy)

The self preserving art of Sho Chiku Bai Jujutsu is a humbling ancient Japanese art that is comprised of Concepts and Principals. It’s not limited to a catalog of self defense techniques. It’s a study of the Human body and how it works. You not only learn the techniques but HOW and WHY they work. Traditional Jujutsu was, and still is taught as a study of natural law. Because of this, the art is always evolving and growing into current trends and applications.

We find it’s very important to train in the classic methods and arts of those before us. These ancient arts are often considered outdated and ineffective. We actually utilize these very important skills as we apply them to more modern applications while studying the historical aspects.

Budo never outdates itself, it’s an art that grows with the practitioner

We strive to keep our self defense training as realistic as possible while maintaining strong safety standards. Safety and well being is our upmost Philosophy.

We do not teach watered down martial arts. As a member here you will get proper conceptual and technical teachings from authentic instructors that also continue their training on a regular basis. Lessons are usually done in smaller groups to be sure you are getting quality instruction, just as these arts were passed down from teacher to student for generations. Please feel free to contact us about our qualifications and lineage/authenticity.

Additional reasons students train in the arts aside from self defense is that we recognize the health benefits. We all need an outlet for daily stress in life. Training with us can provide that. Our programs not only make you more fit by burning calories and making you stronger, you will also release built up tension and decompress the stress you build up each day!

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