Do Martial arts promote violence? Will my teen learn self-defense skills? How likely is my teen to get injured while doing martial arts? These are just a few of the common questions many parents have when they consider signing their teen up for lessons.

How Martial Arts Benefits Teens

Most martial arts do NOT cause folks to become violent, in fact you will see a much more calm personality with anyone that trains. Training is an incredible method of stress release and anger management. Especially with the demands High School requires for these young adults. Is your teen depressed? Martial Arts can help!

Sword arts like Iaido is some of the best ways to teach a teenager self confidence and discipline

Whether you want your teen to gain some basic self-defense skills, or you’re hoping for some discipline, Our School can be an incredible experience to bring out their potential. By training week after week, martial arts can be a great teaching tool.

Sensei Tom working kenjutsu with a young adult.

Here are a few of the physical and Mental health benefits:

  • Physical fitness and Healthy weight loss
  • Better balance
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Higher Self -Esteem
  • More self-respect for themselves and others
  • Better self-awareness

Martial arts may be a great physical outlet for a teen who isn’t interested in local sports. Your teen won’t be cut from a team and martial arts don’t require any prior experience or specific skill set. And they train at their own pace. At our school we consider Teens young adults so they are in class right along with other adults. What better way to learn and EARN respect from the community.

Your teen can set goals, such as earning the next color belt or mastering a new concept. Over time, they’ll learn to see how hard work and trust in themselves can help accomplish goals. Give us a call or simply come for a visit!

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