Kempo, Iaido and Aiki Arts

Welcome to the Rhode Island Budo Academy!

Our mission is to practice and sustain the techniques, philosophies, and benefits of Japanese martial arts (Budo).

We study the Japanese sword arts of Iaido and Kenjutsu as well as Kempo and Aiki arts to promote cultural, physical and mental well being.

Iaido Practice

These traditional Japanese arts are a great way for folks to reveal their true inner self. Ultimately this not only improves both the physical and spiritual attributes of the practitioner, but also those around them. 

Kempo Practice

 We invite potential new students to explore our website and learn more about the dojo, the history and study of Martial arts, and our upcoming events. Current students can use our site to view instructional tools, photos ,videos and more. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an introductory lesson. We look forward to you joining our family in the Kai

Curriculum Seminar with Hanshi in PA