Moving Zen, The Art of Iaido

With so many different styles of  martial arts out there, it can be a challenge to find something that feels like a great fit.  Especially if you feel a little out of shape and perhaps life has caught up to you while raising a family or tending to a career. Most of us want to experienceContinue reading “Moving Zen, The Art of Iaido”

Solo Martial Arts practice?

Spring 2020 is upon us with the fears of a spreading highly contagious virus. Full contact combative arts and MMA gyms are already anticipating the financial pain from less and less attendance for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to touch each other! Two friends at my day job, practice at an MMA gym. They have bothContinue reading “Solo Martial Arts practice?”

Kata is Conflict Resolution!

Betchya didn’t know that! Our teachers tell us all the time “The Kata is the art”. So I always feel sometimes students feel guilty when they don’t practice their forms/Kata. Without them we don’t get our belt and that’s the only incentive. Most teachers have also heard folks tell them they love Kata, but becauseContinue reading “Kata is Conflict Resolution!”