Solo Martial Arts practice?

Spring 2020 is upon us with the fears of a spreading highly contagious virus. Full contact combative arts and MMA gyms are already anticipating the financial pain from less and less attendance for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to touch each other! Two friends at my day job, practice at an MMA gym. They have bothContinue reading “Solo Martial Arts practice?”

Martial Arts Month Promo — N.E.M.A.D.

January is martial arts marathon month! Interested in the arts? Come to The New England Martial arts dojo! $125.00 for two months to come check out and train in all of our arts including: Shotokan Karate Kempo/Jujutsu Japanese Sword arts. Come see which art is right for you! #newyearsresolution https://ribudo/training/ Martial Arts Month Promo — N.E.M.A.D.

Japanese Budo Seminar in SE Massachusetts!

Saturday September 7th  Come train with us in a traditional Japanese arts seminar with teachers from the Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International. Concepts and Principals of Kosho Ryu Kempo including striking, throwing and controlling arts with Sensei Jeff Driscoll No matter what age, Kempo can enhance your life in the physical, mental, and philosophical sense. This seminarContinue reading “Japanese Budo Seminar in SE Massachusetts!”

Incredible Kempo Seminar With Hanshi Bruce Juchnik!

What an incredible weekend with Hanshi Bruce Juchnik and his curriculum seminar hosted by The Driscoll Institute of Martial Arts in Potsville, Pennsylvania. Accompanying me were my good friends and students, Chris and Ricardo from our dojo in Seekonk, Massachusetts. They were excited to train with Hanshi and meet other Yudansha from the Kai andContinue reading “Incredible Kempo Seminar With Hanshi Bruce Juchnik!”

Kata is Conflict Resolution!

Betchya didn’t know that! Our teachers tell us all the time “The Kata is the art”. So I always feel sometimes students feel guilty when they don’t practice their forms/Kata. Without them we don’t get our belt and that’s the only incentive. Most teachers have also heard folks tell them they love Kata, but becauseContinue reading “Kata is Conflict Resolution!”

The European Gathering!

Last week I witnessed an incredible martial arts event in Belgium. It’s roots began just ten years ago when some Budo friends from America got on an airplane to visit friends in Belgium to share some martial arts training ideas while enjoying the sights. After just a few annual friendly visits fast forward ten yearsContinue reading “The European Gathering!”

Looking Forward to Learning and Sharing.

June is coming up, and that’s the time for both teachers and students alike to learn from each other at the Kosho Ryu Kempo Curriculum and instructor training program hosted by Sensei Jeff Driscoll in Potsville PA at his dojo. Our headmaster Hanshi Bruce Juchnik will be there and we always look forward to hisContinue reading “Looking Forward to Learning and Sharing.”